Walmart Feedback Service

Walmart Seller Feedback Service Terms

Please read carefully and let us know: we want to clear you about our service before I start working because we don’t want to cancel orders

  1. We charge $20 per feedback for Our services fees.
  2. Product Cost + PayPal fees $2 and service fees $20 payment required
  3. Due to Walmart review policies, After post feedback, if any feedback is wiped (removed by Walmart) you need to take it easy and don’t ask us about the deleted feedback because it’s not our fault, it’s Walmart’s fault because nowadays Walmart is too hard about the feedback. our services are complete once feedback has been posted on your Walmart listing.
  4. If any buyer’s account is unable to post the feedback so this reviewer Will post seller feedback. (we mean if any review account is wiped before post feedback so this reviewer will post seller feedback.)
  5. If any reviewer accounts are unable to post a 5-star feedback so this reviewer will post a 4-star ratinfeedbackg. (we mean if any reviewer’s walmart review account unable to post a 5-star feedback so this reviewer will post a 4-star feedback)
  6. We take a maximum of 30 to 35 days to complete all feedbacks in one product. If you want at this time you can take more feedback on the same product or other products.
  7. Start posting feedback after ship products 7 to 15 days.
  8. Minimum order 2

If you agree with us, please do the order form and confirm payment.

[N B: Please read Terms No 1, 2, and 3 carefully and be clear]


Some Common Questions from Seller:

  • Question: Is your service safe?
  • Answer: Yes, it’s 100% safe.
  • Question: Do you provide feedback services all walmart marketplace?
  • Answer: No, No At this moment the USA Only.
  • Question: Payment?
  • Answer: Upfront payment is not required.
  • Question: Payment Method?
  • Answer: Many payment methods are available here.
  • Question: How to Order?
  • Answer: First Select service which service you want.
    • Read Feedback Terms (if you agree with us)
    • Do order form
    • confirm required payment
    • You are Done (After payment confirm we will start working in the next 24 hours)


"After getting this team, my sales problems lessened visibly. They are very polite and professional. Support is great!"
Otis Poe
Amazon Seller
"Very open to negotiation. Service was as promised. Their forecast about my next big thing was exact."
Unity Andrews
Amazon Seller
"Rapid service. Great output. Before starting they gave me a free audit that was helpful."
Christian Wells
Amazon Seller