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Amazon Helpful Vote: A Fact Check

Before buying a product, buyers jump to the review section if the description seems ok. The fact that buyers always tends to find a way to hold them back from buying a product until they are totally determined. A bad review is all that can damage your year-long toil behind good service.

Even after having good products, good reviews, a tons of it, a single bad review or less star rating can be a great negative impact on your overall sales.

Helpful votes on good reviews to show up on top can reduce this headache. Selected good reviews with a good amount of helpful votes will show that particular review(s) on top. Having the good reviews move up to the first page will down the negative reviews to the next pages which the buyers seldom checks.

So, It’s time you got some Amazon Helpful Votes.

Our Work Process

We have different work process and teams for different assignment. The basic workflow is more or less like the following


Collecting the Reviews

Review section is checked thoroughly. We go through the reviews – both good and bad. No software, we do only manual checking.


Inspection of the Reviews

After checking the reviews, we analyze which reviews to promote and which to shoo away from the page.


Removing or DOWN the Review

After setting everything right, you can see the result yourself. That means no bad reviews on your first or up to whatever page you sought.


Showing the Result

Our Amazon review management team then get to work. They do the trick to remove your bad reviews from first page to whatever page you tell them to do.

Benefit You Get



Less or no bad reviews get you the credibility you deserve.


Customer Confidence

Customer feels safe to buy your products since they get good reviews about what they are planning to buy.


More Sales

More customer means mole sales and revenue generation.


Better Ranking

Higher order confirmation, good reviews, votes get you higher ranking.

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  • Posting Adequate Votes for Reviews
  • One Time Payment, and Service
  • 20-Day Guarantee

Monthly Package

Helpful vote on a regular basis
$ 250 Monthly
  • Posting adequate vote whenever a bad reviews appear
  • Monthly Payment
  • 24/7 Support


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