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Rank #1

Amazon Rank #1: A Quick Look Around

It is without a doubt that each Amazon seller asks themselves this question at least once (if not all the time) within their seller journey, “How does Amazon product ranking work, and more importantly, how do I rank my product on the first page?”

Rightfully, which seller wouldn’t?

Studies show that products on the first page get at least 80% of all the clicks, while the first 3 listings on page 1 get at least 60% of those clicks.

Moreover, only 30% of shoppers go beyond page 1 of the search results. With Amazon accounting for nearly 43% of all US online retail revenue topping at $177.87 billion in 2017, you certainly don’t want to miss out on any of those sales by not having your product on the first page.

Let’s look into the different factors that play into Amazon product ranking and what we need to be cognizant of as sellers.

Our Work Process

We have different work process and teams for different assignment. The basic workflow is more or less like the following


Best Keyword Selection

We research your competitors product around your niche to find out best key phrase for your product. 


Optimized Image and Description

According to Amazon’s preference we provide best quality descriptive and life style images with magnificently detailed product description 


Review Management

We contact your buyers and motivate them to put good words about your products. We collect all formats of reviews (text, videos, images) and put them accordingly.



Other than reviews, question and answers are important for higher rank. We organize all answers in a professional fashion so that buyers feel at ease to read them.

Benefit You Get



Organically getting rank #1 creates credibility among customers and Amazon will prize you with higher value.


Customer Confidence

Customer feels safe to buy your products since they get good reviews about what they are planning to buy.


More Sales

More customer means more sales and revenue generation.


Better Ranking

Higher order confirmation, good reviews, votes get you higher ranking.


A few of our happy customers have shared their views.

"After getting this team, my sales problems lessened visibly. They are very polite and professional. Support is great!"
Otis Poe
Amazon Seller
"Very open to negotiation. Service was as promised. Their forecast about my next big thing was exact."
Unity Andrews
Amazon Seller
"Rapid service. Great output. Before starting they gave me a free audit that was helpful."
Christian Wells
Amazon Seller