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Start a Sales Promotion now to clear your inventory and make some extra profit.

Amazon Sales Promotion​

Another way to get products in front of more interested leads is through Amazon promotions. Amazon promotion sellers can offer their products at a low cost to incentivize their audience to tell friends and family about the products. It helps them reach new leads that result in conversions.

Promotions encourage people to buy your products. It’s also a great way to increase brand awareness and get your brand in front of more interested leads. Amazon audiences love a good deal, so using promotions is a great opportunity for you to grab their attention.

Our Work Process

We have different work process and teams for different assignment. The basic workflow is more or less like the following


Market Research

Before starting any sales promotion our team will do a through market research for your product category to understand what’s missing


Planning the Best Promotion Plans

After gathering the data, one or more than one promotional strategy will be set, e.g flash sales, couple, buy one get one, free delivery, social media promotions, etc.


Product Selection

Not all products need to go under promotion. We will select products that are slow and needs clearing.


Influencer Contact

We contact any influencer if necessary

Outcome You Get


Higher Order Value

When customers get a promotional price, they tend to buy in more quantity which is very effective for inventory clearance.


Increased Sale Velocity

Definitely, profit in real money is more important that profit percentage. High sale velocity increase profit in real money. 


Boost in Search Ranking

A huge and sales in rapid succession will surely rank the store high on search result. Who doesn’t want that?


The Circle Continues

Marketing creates mole sales and more profit which you can use to do further marketing and the circle continues.

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