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Amazon Customer Review Management: A Quick FAQ

Amazon heavily depends on the consumer’s review to justify the popularity of a product and tends to give particular products a higher rank with more positive reviews.  It is a part of its A9 Algorithm. Therefore, to boost your product visibility, your product must get positive reviews from Amazon verified customers’ accounts.

Our management service is specially designed for Amazon which collects impressive and eye-catchy product reviews from verified customers using keyword-optimization research through secured connectivity. The service also helps different reviewers post good feedback on your products from verified accounts to increase the trustworthiness.

The service also includes foreshadowing different aspects of the products and what they may want in the future. Similarly, it researches competitors product reviews to get an accurate idea about what is going on around and, lastly, through Amazon notification, manages all the reviews listed.

Our Work Process

We have different work process and teams for different assignments.

Review Notification

We get notified whenever a review or rating is up by using automated review notifier

Review Collection

By contacting shoppers worldwide, we influence them to buy your product and leave positive review

Writing Manual Reviews

Where necessary we will write the reviews ourselves with our verified Amazon shopper accounts so that reviews are SEO friendly.

Keeping Track

We keep track all of the reviews handled by us as well as by other customers and keep you updated.


When your items are populated with adequate good reviews, buyers tend to trust you more.

Higher Conversion Rate

When customers get what they want, why would they anywhere else?

More Sales

Visibility at top attracts more than usual traffic to your page and generate sales.

Better Ranking

Good search visibility send you up on ranking.

Benefit You Enjoy

Our hard work will get you the sweet pleasure of


Here’s what our happy customers have to share.

"After getting this team, my sales problems lessened visibly. They are very polite and professional. Support is great!"
Otis Poe
Amazon Seller
"Very open to negotiation. Service was as promised. Their forecast about my next big thing was exact."
Unity Andrews
Amazon Seller
"Rapid service. Great output. Before starting they gave me a free audit that was helpful."
Christian Wells
Amazon Seller