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Create A+/EBC Content Description: Convert Customers and Reduce Frequent Returns

Amazon A+ Content​: Read Before You Jump in

Amazon A+ Content allows brand owners to describe their product features in a move elaborate and advanced way by adding detailed description, video, info graphics, HD photos, customized copy like brand stories and many more. A+ content is intended to help vendors and sellers to increase more traffic, conversion, and therefore, sales.

Those who are with Amazon for quite a time, they recognize A+ content as Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (Amazon EBC) if you are a seller. It goes by the name of Amazon Enhanced Marketing Content for the vendors. The name has been modernized to know as Amazon A+ Content for both sellers and vendors, the facts remain the same for both the cases.

Our Work Process

We have different work process and teams for different assignment. The basic workflow is more or less like the following


Proper Resear

We will showcase the best value proposition for your product. A+ content is not a random display of just shiny things, but valuable ones.


Journey Like Content Planning

The description will be so flowing that they create the feeling of a journey that reveals slowly and exactly.


Focusing on Importance

Rather that writing flashy contents, we give importance what really necessary for your product that makes it worthy.


Maintaining Brand Guidline

As we understand the reduced option of branding capacity in Amazon, we take the branding opportunity while creating A+ content, because we follow the brand guidelines to feel like them.

Outcome You get


Higher Conversion Rates

With the additional images and description that we insert, your products get the attraction that can lead to the BUY button


Reduced Return Rate

Your product description is already researched, and that makes you confident about buyer decision. You know they are buying what they want. So, low return possibility 


Better Reviews

Consequently, more information, and purchase leads to more good reviews.


Increase ROI of PPC Campaigns and Reduce ACoS

EBC content can inspire people to buy your product while PPC produce high click. Two are different things. Following the first you can reduce advertisement cost and increase your overall ROI

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