About Us


Sellerssoft is a passionate team of Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Shopify, Google Shopping, Etsy, Wayfair & many More ecommerce sales analysis and Digital Marketing service providers. We provide multi-platform sales management services.

Skilled Team

Intuition cannot get you far. Well planned data oriented frameworks gets things done. We excel in those

Dedicated Support

Service is not just a contract. For us service is what we do after completing the task. We continue to support.

About Us

SellersSoft promises to go all in to establish you as a full-grown and successful seller and vendor on different platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay employing market practice strategies that are genuine and generative. You have our promise to grow you as profitable with minimum unnecessary expenditure.

We are not just random service providers who are stuck on just one platform. We, SellersSoft, have multi-platform services, and we are very confident about that. To work on different platforms, we have assigned teams to work on their dedicated platform only. This is how, even after being a multi-platform services provider, we not only perfectly manage but also provide satisfactory services to different clients from different platforms.

We only recruit seasoned professionals to work with us. Our trainees go through a vigorous and complex training process to join the main team. We have a very, very serious R&D team who work tirelessly round the clock to bring the best methods to help our clients grow large, and we mean large.

Sellerssoft proudly displays the fact of being very choosy about targeting the audience. Our long-term experience has instilled within us the capacity of mining out specific audiences for specific clients. We make sure that the audience land in the right place and that is our customers’ stores.

Our services are not gimmicks. We can guarantee you that much. We do not promise to skyrocket your business overnight. We promise you lasting and regular profit that gradually skyrockets your business. We are very conservative about our promise and very liberal about new ideas.

Why Choose Us

We claim to be one of the promising market analysts who understand every ins and outs of marketing policy and management of Amazon and Walmart services. We can take full care of your FBA, FBM to keep you concentrated to your growth. Instead of PPC, we rely on organic boost up method to generate sales, profit, reputation and permanence of your business. 

Uncompromising Quality

Not just quality, but uncompromised best quality service.

Delivery as Promised

Not round about promised. We promise what we can deliver.

All the Way Creative

Manual Solution to problems. No AI, not BOTs. Only creative human endeavor.

24/7 Help Line

Around the clock support team.

Founder at SellersSoft
Md Alamgir Hossain

Village- Puraton Panchagarh, Post- Dhakkamara, Thana- Panchagarh, Distict- Panchagarh.

Contact- +880 172 346 3232

MD Rakib Mondol
Project Manager at  SellersSoft
MD Rakib Mondol

Village- Puraton Panchagarh, Post- Dhakkamara, Thana- Panchagarh, Distict- Panchagarh.

Contact- +880 131 579 3116


Here’s what our happy customers have to share.

"After getting this team, my sales problems lessened visibly. They are very polite and professional. Support is great!"
Otis Poe
Amazon Seller
"Very open to negotiation. Service was as promised. Their forecast about my next big thing was exact."
Unity Andrews
Amazon Seller
"Rapid service. Great output. Before starting they gave me a free audit that was helpful."
Christian Wells
Amazon Seller